The North Face Rundle’s Revenge – Rules

We’re not real big on lots of rules, but here are a few guidelines to remember:

  1. Race number plates may not be cut or altered in any way.
  2. Participants must carry bear spray at all times.  Gear will be checked upon entry to the start corral as well as during the race.  Not carrying bears spray is grounds for immediate disqualification.
  3. All Bike riders must dismount at the marked dismount point. You may remount as you cross the lap line.
  4. Maximum Finish Times are 5:00 PM (Bike) and 3:00 PM (Run).
  5. Official Feed Zones – in the stadium and at the checkpoint (Biathlon Stadium). Neutral and team feed permitted.
  6. Follow the course markings at all times. The course is well marked, but if you go off-course, please re-enter at the point in which you left the course.
  7. No littering on course – offenders will be disqualified. This include gel and food wrappers dropped intentionally or accidentally.