Moab Rocks Route Details

Cross Country:

Stage 1 – Captain Ahab Loop – 29.8 mi, 4200 ft climbing
Stage 2 – Porcupine Rim – 32.7 mi, 5000 ft climbing
Stage 3 – Mag 7 – 30.9 mi, 3500 ft climbing

Total – 93.4 miles, 12,700 ft climbing


Stage 1: 4.2 miles, 600 ft. climbing, 1400 ft. descending
Stage 2: 11.9 miles, 600 ft. climbing, 3400 ft. descending
Stage 3: 9.1 miles, 650 ft. climbing, 1850 ft. descending

Total – 25.2 miles, 1850 ft. climbing, 6650 ft. descending

*riders must ride the entire route, there is no shuttling to the downhill segments

Moab Rocks 2013 Map Package

Stage 1 Details:

Start at Moab Recreation and Aquatic Centre
Kane Creek Road to Hurrah Pass
Jackson Hole to Jacob’s Ladder Portage
Amasa Back to the new Captain Ahab singletrack
Finish at Amasa Back parking lot
Timed Descent on Captain Ahab

Stage 2 Details (Race Finish at 29 mile mark):

Start at Moab Recreation and Aquatic Centre
Sand Flats Road Climb
Upper Porcupine Singletrack (UPS)
Lower Porcupine Singletrack (LPS)
Porcupine Rim
Race finishes before final singletrack descent – ride to Hwy. 128
Timed Descent on Porcupine Rim Trail

Stage 3 Details:

Start at Bar M Parking
Gemini Bridges Road
Arth’s Pasture singletrack
Getaway singletrack
Bull Run
Great Escape
Gemini Bridges Road
Race Finish at Bar M Parking
Timed Descent on Bull Run and Great Escape