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Poison Spider Bicycles is a full service Moab Bike Shop that offers sales, services, mountain & road bicycle rentals, trail advice, shuttle services and top notch customer service. They love what they do. They even have showers to so you can clean up after a fun day of enjoying the riding Moab has to offer.

Poison Spider has the largest and best selection of bicycle rentals to choose from in Moab. They also have the finest selection of apparel and bike gear in town. Come in and check out the wide range of Poison Spider custom logo gear.  From t-shirts and jerseys to coffee cups and women’s undies, we have you covered.

The Spider offers top level service from trained mechanics and sales staff.  They pride themselves on knowing and using the products they carry. They are here to make your vacation more fun and one to remember.

ergon-logoPedals, grips, packs and more…Ergon’s product development team doesn’t only focus on Ergonomics – material
research is also a core theme. The demands and testing our products undergo meet those of the automotive industry, and far exceed the industry standard.

At 4iiii Innovations we develop technologies that improve sports performance and make the athlete’s world safer. Our products increase awareness and provide an uninterrupted and real-time flow of data needed to set a personal best or achieve a podium position. Our goal in everything we do is to eliminate distractions, increase focus and produce better results. We are engineers and innovators. We are also athletes designing better ways for other athletes to win.

We’re driven by our ‘Smarter. Faster. Safer.’ mantra to offer products that re-think data delivery. Through innovative technologies we offer simple and immediate display of what you need to know to raise your game. In everything we do, our goal is to become a seamless and essential part of your training and to provide the winning edge when it comes to competing.

Strong & Healthy ™ – In 1995 Planet Foods Inc. was born to provide healthy, natural food to everyone in Canada, and now 13 years later we hold true to that vision.

honeystingerPure natural ingredients! Great tasting convenient honey based food. Honey Stinger Gold Gels provide a low glycemic index while still providing an excellent source of concentrated carbohydrates. Product development by Lance Armstrong providing 20 years of world class performance. The Honey Stinger Protein bars have 22 vitamins and minerals with 10g of Whey Protein. Sting or Be Stung!

Our history in the sport, heritage of innovation in design and manufacturing is important to us. We’re proud that we constantly invest in our product range to ensure that we provide the very best components possible – for both professional and enthusiast riders alike.

Stoked Oats was founded in April 2011 by three oatmeal loving athletes. Unable to find the ultimate breakfast to support their busy and active lifestyles, they began making their own oatmeal blends. With the goal of creating the healthiest oatmeal on the market, all Stoked Oats blends include highly nutritious “superfood” ingredients including chia, flax, and gluten free oats.

Singletrack Supply Co was founded during a mountain bike ride in January of 2017.  The end goal was simple: start a clothing company using the knowledge built working as a sales representative in the outdoor industry for the purpose of giving back to trail and bike advocacy groups.  Building the product line from the ground up wasn’t so simple . . . materials had to be sourced, clothing designed, factories checked and samples produced.  Working hard while leaning on friends and industry colleagues made for a collaborative effort and the goal of creating clothing built with a purpose was achieved.

ProGold Lubricants, manufacturers of outstanding products for cycling enthusiasts and professionals. It’s time to go Pro!

Team Work Excellence works with leaders and teams to increase their influence on effectiveness and value.



We help you achieve the best possible results.

Racks Unlimited is a retail business that specializes in car racks, truck racks, trailer hitches and other automotive accessories. They carry all the major brands as well as many others. In addition to bike racks, ski racks and roof boxes they also offer a selection of ladder racks, bike parking racks and home storage systems. Racks Unlimited has been serving Calgary and surrounding areas for nearly 20 years. Shop on-line with their convenient on-line ordering system, or come and see them at either of their two Calgary locations.

Ultima Replenisher is the official sport drink of TransRockies. With Zero Sugar and all 5 essential electrolytes, Ultima focuses on the key elements of hydration: fluid and electrolytes. Ultima Replenisher is all natural, with no artificial colors or sweeteners and is suitable for vegetarian and gluten free diets.

Color Right Now remains a proud leader in print technology, offering our customers a one-stop solution for all your printing, mailing, and design needs. For twenty years we’ve provided all the benefits of a close client relationship with all our customers, just as printers and traditional craftspeople did in the past. We’re very proud of our approach and the mutual success that this has brought over the last two decades. We look forward to working closely with all our customers in the future as we continue to offer the finest quality products and services for all your business requirements.