Gran Fondo Highwood Pass – Rules

Updated July 3, 2015

  1. The road is not closed to traffic.  Ride to the right of the white line on the shoulder of the road or risk disqualification. NOTE: THIS RULE WILL BE ENFORCED. You may only ride in the traffic lane briefly if the shoulder is unsafe or if passing.
  2. There will be two wave starts, a fast/fastest group and a moderate/mellow group. Please start in the group you registered for or notify a race official if you are starting in a different wave so that we can give you the correct time.
  3. No littering on course – offenders will be disqualified. This includes gel and food wrappers dropped intentionally or accidentally.
  4. Cut-Off Times for Check Points: You will be transported to the finish line if you don’t make the cut off times. Cutoff Times: CP1 – 11AM, CP2 – 1 PM, CP3-3PM, Maximum Finishing Time: 4PM.