ATB Financial In The Saddle As Gran Fondo Highwood Pass Partner

ATB GFHPThe team at TransRockies is excited to announce the addition of ATB Financial as the title partner of the 2014 ATB Financial Gran Fondo Highwood Pass presented by GSL GM City.

 “And we’re excited to be along for the ride through some of the most challenging and beautiful terrain on this earth,” said Dave Mowat, President & CEO of ATB Financial. “We haven’t yet invented a machine that translates human work into forward motion more efficiently than the bicycle, so, what a combination: stunning Alberta roads and the expertise of these riders.”

 ATB started business more than 75 years ago during the Great Depression, and has since grown into the largest Alberta-based financial institution. Throughout that journey, ATB has maintained its aim of using its deep-rooted knowledge of this province and sophisticated banking expertise to help Albertans move closer to their dreams.

 “You might not think biking and banking have a lot in common, but we think they do,” said Mowat. “A bike and a bank each are a collection of expert components that work together to give the rider and the customer that sense of freedom and happiness as they move.”

 The ATB Financial Grand Fondo Highwood Pass happens July 12, 2014, and will take 500 riders over the highest paved road pass in Canada—along 147 km through the heart of the Rocky Mountains. It will be a colourful and inspiring outdoor pageant on wheels, and a salute to those dedicated to sport and wellness.

 “ATB has always worked with local sporting events to highlight the value of reaching inside and getting outside,” said Jacynthe Jagger, Marketing and Communications Manager at ATB Financial. “That determination is we love about our employees and our customers.”

 Jagger also noted the significance of returning in a big way to a part of the province that, a year ago, was affected by historic floods.

 “Alberta weather always has the first move, and cyclists certainly know that,” said Jagger. “But Albertans find a higher gear to respond in.”

TransRockies Events operates the TransRockies Race Series with more than 10 cycling and running events, covering 30 days each year in Canada and the United States and drawing more than 4,000 participants. The ATB Financial Gran Fondo Highwood Pass is entering its fourth year in the series.

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